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iSCSI Cake - The first iSCSI Target that supports VMWare disk format

iSCSI Cake is iSCSI target for Windows that shares server's disk, partition, VMDK file, cluster, ESX or ISO file with iSCSI initiators/clients. iSCSI Cake provides another choice for enterprise storage virtualization. Client can access remote iSCSI storage as local disk, which supports all disk operations such as partitioning, formatting, read, and write. iSCSI Cake uses copy-on-write mechanism to handle client write requests which means client can write, delete, format and repartition iSCSI disk without changing any bytes in server's storage resource.

iSCSI Cake provides network administrator a convenient way of software maintain and update. It is no longer necessary to install software on each client repeatedly. And it is time to stop worrying about the safety of shared data on server because everything will recover after client disconnect.

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CCBoot - Diskless Boot Windows with iSCSI

CCBoot allows a diskless boot of either Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 2008 from an iSCSI target machine remotely located over a standard IP network. Diskless boot makes it possible for computers to be operated without a local disk. The 'diskless' computer is connected to a hard drive over a network and boots up an operating system from a remotely located machine. CCBoot is the convergence of the rapidly emerging iSCSI protocol with gPXE diskless boot technology. more...

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iSCSI Cake Key Features

1. iSCSI Compatibility: Supports iSCSI initiators on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
2. OS Compatibility: Supports all 32bit/64bit Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA and later operating systems.
3. 64bit Addressing: Breaks through the 2TB limitation.
4. Cluster Sharing: Shares storage among cluster nodes.
5. VMWare Compatibility: Exports VMWare VMDK disk file as target disk.
6. ISO Support: Simulates virtual CDROM drive.
7. Port Forwarding: Provides service while under the protection of firewall.
8. High IO performance: Server cache with per-client cache together delivers high IO efficiency.
9. Easy to Manage: Windows based GUI can be installed on any computers to manage iSCSI server.
10. COW protection: Protects server data from unauthorized client.

iSCSI Cake Specification

Server OS Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/2008 (x86/x64)
Client OS Windows/Linux/Solaris
Max capacity 4 PB
Max LUNs 16
Source storage Disk/Partition/VMWare File/ISO File
Boot from iSCSI Windows/Linux
Network Ethernet/Wan (Support port mapping)
Cache Server cache and per-client cache
Security CHAP
Management Local/Remote
iSCSI protocol iSCSI standard 1.0

Server System Requirements

< 60 clients CPU: 1.7G
Disk: 1 SATA-2 primary storage, 40G secondary storage working dir
MainBoard: With SATA-2 support
Network: 100Mb Ethernet
60-120 clients CPU: 2.0G
Disk: 2 SATA-2 RAID primary storage, 80G secondary storage working dir
MainBoard: With SATA-2 support
Network: 100Mb Ethernet with 1 GBE port
120-200 clients CPU: 2.8G
RAM: 1.5G
Disk: 3-4 SATA-2 RAID primary storage, 2 SATA RAID secondary storage working dir
MainBoard: With RAID support
Network: GBE (2GBE NIC for over 150 clients)
> 200 clients CPU: 3.0G
Disk: 3-4 SATA-2 RAID primary storage, 2 SATA RAID secondary storage working dir
MainBoard: Professional 64bit server mainboard
Network: Multiple GBE NICs



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